Are COVID-19 Restrictions Closing Drug Rehab Centers?

During these unprecedented troubled times, all we hear is “the new norm” and living life has a whole new meaning. We are in a strange time and place in our lives; staying indoors for most of the day, not being able to meet with friends or family. All our norms and routines have been disrupted by this Covid-19 lockdown. And for the majority, we don’t even get to see our co-workers. Some of us that are fortunate are working from home.

We are only going out for the essentials and even then going grocery shopping; we must be a stranger to everyone for fear of the person next to us being infected. This stress that has been brought on has affected many of us. Some of us with mental health issues have been left to our own devices. Being a past drug abuser and with mental health issues, being left to our own devices is a territory we never want to be in.

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented changes in the way that we live our lives. It has disrupted our everyday lives by stopping a tremendous amount of personal and economic activity, at least in the short term. However, COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has not put a stop to addiction, nor has it put an end to the need for drug and alcohol rehab.

Has COVID-19 Closed Drug Treatment Programs?

COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of addiction. For example, because of enforced social distancing guidelines and curfews, it is very difficult for many those still using to acquire drugs. Also similar is the closing of bars and restaurants has limited the opportunities for many to drink socially, although alcohol is still available in most places.

Although COVID-19 may have put some obstacles in the way of getting a substance, it has not treated the underlying causes behind substance use, nor has it put an end to substance abuse. These obstacles will highly even add to the desperation of an addict who is unable to acquire their substance of choice.

For many, COVID-19 has added to the underlying mental and emotional issues that underlie their addiction. For example, stress, loneliness, depression, boredom, isolation, and more are becoming issues for many as a result of the impacts of COVID-19, all of which often are closely linked with substance abuse. COVID-19 and its fallout may trigger many to drink or use therefore relapsing.

Are COVID-19 Restrictions Closing Drug Rehab Centers?

Is Drug or Alcohol Rehab Still Open During Coronavirus?

Yes, rehab is still open because rehabs, detox center and treatment centers for drug and alcohol addiction is an essential service, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many people, the risks of alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose are more dangerous and urgent than the risk of coronavirus, so rehab cannot stop. The treatment providers who work in rehab centers are on the front lines and are dedicated to helping the community during these uncertain times. Across the country, rehab centers remain ready and available to provide high-quality treatment to anyone who needs to overcome substance abuse.

Many probably wonder if it is even safe to go to rehab during Covid-19. Yes, rehab is still safe. Right now, rehab centers are taking preventive measures to ensure that their facilities remain coronavirus-free. Also, rehab centers are regularly testing patients and potential patients for COVID-19, adapting their programs to comply with social-distancing guidelines, and making sure that their facilities have adequate supplies of hand sanitizer at all times.

You might feel that now is the time to stay home and worry about your addiction later, but today is always the best day to start recovery. Isolation and loneliness may worsen your substance abuse. If you’re already stuck at home, why not take this pandemic as an opportunity to improve yourself and get better? After all, before the pandemic started, you may not have been able to take time off from your job, classes, or social life to get treatment, but now you can.

Garden State Treatment Center is Always Open

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