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Last year was the deadliest time for overdose cases in the state of New Jersey. In 2021, there were approximately 3,080 suspected drug-related fatalities. Opioids are primarily responsible for these issues. These substances are highly addictive. Luckily, a person can find help at a trusted drug rehab in Newton, NJ. At the Garden State Treatment Center, various programs and therapies help individuals return to sober lifestyles.

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Various Programs that Treat Drug Misuse Disorders

  • Outpatient. Outpatient programs help individuals with personal responsibilities seek help for drug misuse during the day and return home at night. This type of program is most common for people with less severe issues or for people who have completed inpatient treatment.
  • Partial Care. Partial care treatment includes personal counseling, group therapy, and psychiatric care in a supportive environment. Clients learn coping skills that help them remain sober in real-life situations.

Drug Misuse Therapies at Garden State Treatment Center

  • Group Therapy. It is essential for a person to have support from others who are in similar situations. Understanding that drug misuse disorders strike other individuals allows one to gain insight and encouragement. Also, reconnecting with a group is an excellent way to interact with society and assimilate into life.
  • Individual Therapy. Since certain subjects are not appropriate to discuss in groups, sensitive issues may also be covered discreetly through individual therapy sessions. Also, meeting face-to-face with a therapist helps pinpoint the reasons behind drug misuse. No two people are alike. Special one-on-one sessions will help develop coping mechanisms so that temptations do not take hold. In this manner, relapse may be avoided.
  • Adventure Therapy. Sometimes, people don’t respond to conventional treatments. Adventure therapy encourages an individual to enjoy the outside environment so that his or her mind and physical well-being improve. Our facility includes activities like hiking, kayaking, and performing a rope course. This type of therapy aids with communication, improvement in mood, and heightened self-esteem. At the end of the activities, clients gather and discuss what was gained.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This therapy helps a client comprehend the link between unhealthy thoughts and how they affect behaviors. CBT helps a person get the motivation to set healthy goals and reach them. It is especially useful for an individual with a dual diagnosis. This is a condition where drug addiction and a mental disorder occur simultaneously. In the end, a person develops self-awareness and better control.
  • 12-Step Program. This type of program involves daily, weekly, or monthly group sessions that provide a sense of community as a person works to maintain sobriety.

Garden State Treatment Center for Drug Misuse Treatment

When you or a loved one wants to take the next step in recovery, Garden State Treatment Center is ready to help. The entire staff works to see patients succeed. Each treatment is geared to help clients uncover the reasons behind their problems and to teach how to deal with them so that long-term sobriety is possible successfully. For more information, it is smart to contact this drug rehab in Newton, NJ.


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