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Drug Treatment Centers for Atlantic City NJ Residents

Here at Garden State Treatment Center in Sparta, New Jersey, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for addicts and alcoholics that are ready to step into recovery. We do this by offering professional addiction treatment in a safe, organized and nurturing environment.

Through our team of highly qualified therapists and counselors, we have access to resources and expertise that will enable you to reach your full potential.

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Also referred to as the Las Vegas of the east coast, Atlantic City houses many casinos and nightclubs. At the same time, Atlantic City has been devastated by drug abuse in recent years. In June 2017, the population of Atlantic City was 38,429. Out of this figure, 1,297 residents entered addiction treatment as a result of drug abuse in 2016. This implies that about 3.4% of the city’s population had a substance abuse problem.

Heroin, opioids, and marijuana are the most abused drugs in Atlantic City, NJ. Garden State Treatment Center provides drug treatment services for Atlantic City, NJ residents to help you and/or your loved ones recover from the disease of addiction.

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We provide clinical treatment services in a stable, home-based environment known as partial care treatment. This non-residential addiction therapy program focuses on intensive group counseling and around the clock supervision to ensure that each client is on the road to long-term recovery.

Craving for drugs can persist for years after you’ve stopped using, especially when you encounter triggers such as the people, places and things that are associated with drug abuse. That’s why one of our core focuses is a strong relapse prevention and aftercare plan that is individually tailored for each patient.

Addiction Treatment in the Atlantic City Area

Addiction treatment in Atlantic City and throughout the area depends on the quality of care provided. At Garden State Treatment Center, we are a JCAHO accredited drug treatment center that offers evidence-based addiction therapy in a partial care and outpatient setting. We serve Atlantic City residents with our Northern New Jersey drug rehab located in Sparta NJ.

Treatment approaches that effectively address the underlying causes of substance abuse include:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Garden State Treatment Center uses cognitive-behavioral therapy to help change your patterns of thinking. This form of therapy will help you identify triggers and cravings, then you’ll learn how to stop them from affecting you.

  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET)

This form of therapy helps patients identify future goals as motivations. This goes a long way in helping addicts and alcoholics remain sober and design a plan to work towards actualizing those goals.

  • 12-Step Therapy

In this therapy, participants work in a supportive group setting and adhere to the 12 steps of addiction recovery as outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous.

  • Contingency Management (CM)

It is a form of behavioral therapy that makes use of incentives to foster positive behaviors.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

If you are a resident of Atlantic City, NJ and substance abuse is affecting your personal, professional, and family life, then it’s time to contact Garden State Treatment Center. We provide clinically-supervised and professional drug treatment services for Atlantic City, NJ residents.

We offer a 100% conducive, well-organized environment so that you can easily and successfully scale through the processes of drug addiction rehabilitation and aftercare.

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