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Drug Rehab Centers for Brick NJ Residents

Drug abuse is wreaking havoc on the lives of families in every part of the United States. Recent statistics show that this worrisome trend has been on the rise the last couple years in New Jersey, as is common in every urban, suburban and metropolitan center across the county.

Substances that men and women reach for include prescription and illicit opioids, narcotics, and alcohol. Victims of this scourge come from across all walks of life, from students, corporate workers, to even medical personnel.

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Brick, New Jersey, previously thought to be one of the nation’s safest communities, now has the sad reputation of rivaling New Jersey’s largest towns in terms of reported heroin addiction cases. In June 2017, the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services reported 76,509 admission cases and 74,291 discharges.

How can I pay for drug and alcohol rehab?

Money doesn’t have to be an impediment when it comes to drug abuse treatment. At Garden State Treatment Center, we recognize that not every family has resources set aside for the treatment of drug addiction. It may interest you to know that you can have all or a substantial part of your treatment expenses covered if you have an insurance policy.

You can receive world-class rehab care at our drug rehab facility for Brick NJ residents without having to worry whether you can afford it. Our experienced professionals can help with a free verification of your insurance and help you understand your benefits. Each year, we help hundreds of individuals take advantage of their insurance coverage and significantly reduce their out-of-pocket expenses.

Addiction Treatment for Brick NJ Residents

Brick Township was rated second in 2016, (with 928 reported cases) among the top five municipalities for substance abuse admissions, surpassed only by Toms River Township with 1,284 cases.

Efforts at state and federal levels to curb this destructive trend have largely proved unsuccessful. This can be attributed to factors such as ease of access to illicit drugs as well as clever antics used by dealers in concealing and smuggling drugs across borders. We offer addiction treatment for Brick NJ residents that are ready to get better and overcome substance abuse. Garden State Treatment Center is located in Sparta, New Jersey, and we assist families across the whole state in search of a reputable drug treatment program.

Substance abuse is a disorder that can only be treated through professional care. When a loved one has been under the sting of addiction for an extended period of time, breaking free can become a tough battle. Trust and respect might be lost. In certain instances, the addict may not be even aware of the impact their action is having on their lives and relationships.

Unfortunately, drug abuse only progresses when left untreated. It doesn’t get better. While addicts must take full responsibility for their actions, refraining from professional help will only make you sink deeper in the pits of despair.

As a first step in assisting your loved one, you may need to contact an addiction specialist. You will also need to convince your loved one to accept help and submit himself for treatment. When an addict is in constant denial of their addiction problem, it may become difficult to persuade them to accept help.

Many New Jersey drug rehab centers have well-trained psychologists that are skilled in providing counseling for both the addict and family members. In this way, all can be fully involved in making the recovery program a successful one.

Experienced addiction interventionists at Garden State Treatment Center have helped countless individuals in New Jersey, who have previously felt like a lost cause to regain their happiness. You too can also take advantage of the various treatment programs offered at our state-of-the-art drug treatment center for Brick NJ residents.

Recovery Programs Available At Garden State Treatment Center

Garden State Treatment Center offers a broad range of carefully mapped-out treatment programs designed to get you clean again. Depending on the extent of your drug abuse problem, you may be admitted into one or more of the following treatment programs:

Partial Care Addiction Treatment: This program is designed to help individuals become accountable to themselves. In this managed environment, you receive group support while receiving skills and counseling needed to cope with your everyday responsibilities. By living with other addicts in recovery, you can more readily reach your goal of returning to a sober drug-free life.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab: When it is determined that a patient can still handle certain responsibilities on his own, our admission counselors may determine that they should be enrolled in an outpatient rehab program. In this way, you are not tied to the rehab facility but can return to your family and work after your daily therapy sessions.

How Can I Find A Drug Rehab for Brick NJ Residents?

The number of substance abuse treatment centers in New Jersey has spiked in recent years. This trend is not unrelated to the prevalence of drug addiction across every corner of the state. When you are dealing with a case of addiction in the family, it can seem overwhelming making decisions on what drug treatment center to get involved with.

Fortunately, a number of evidence-based addiction recovery centers have helped pull hundreds of individuals from the grips of drug and alcohol addiction. One such drug rehab center serving Brick, NJ residents is Garden State Treatment Center.

We have been able to bring together hundreds of families previously torn apart by opioid and alcohol addiction. Help to break free from the addiction of any kind is only a phone call away.

Helping Your Loved One Break Free From Addiction

Once you are prepared to escape from the grips of addiction, contact us and one of our experienced admission counselors will provide a confidential assessment. When you call us, we will then discuss your treatment options and proceed to customize a program tailored to your specific needs. Here at Garden State Treatment Center, we believe that addiction treatment is different for everyone.

We consider a number of factors such as your location, job, family obligations, as well as your history with addiction when personalizing your treatment plan. Our goal is to create a program that is evidence-based, easy to follow and will help you recover. Get in touch with us and let’s help you get started without further delay. Help to permanently overcome addiction is available at Garden State Treatment Center.

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