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Addiction Treatment Programs for Clifton Residents

Residents in Clifton, New Jersey are aware of the threats posed by drug and alcohol abuse. For instance, 118 Clifton residents were admitted to treatment centers due to alcohol abuse and 128 were admitted for heroin abuse treatment in 2016.

In close proximity with Paterson and Newark, which are drug distribution centers in the state, many narcotics find their way into the homes of Clifton residents and families. Our commitment to assisting New Jersey residents affected by addiction starts with our drug treatment for Clifton residents.

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Clifton is a city in Passaic County, New Jersey that is the eleventh biggest municipality in the state. Close to New York City just across the Hudson River, the town offers lots of parks and recreational activities.

While seemingly filled with tranquil suburban neighborhoods, drug addiction throughout Clifton is on the rise. Garden State Treatment Center serves Clifton area residents that are in need of evidence-based substance abuse treatment with our drug rehab in Sparta, New Jersey.

Substance Abuse in Clifton, New Jersey

Suspicious activities in the city have led to the arrest of drug traffickers as well as seizures of huge quantities of narcotics. However, trying to keep the city safe and drug-free goes beyond arrests and seizures. Professional help must be on the ground to assist those that are ready to overcome their challenges with substance abuse.

This is where Garden State Treatment Center comes in. Our drug rehab for Clifton NJ residents focuses on healing the underlying causes of addictions through a combination of partial care and intensive outpatient programs.

Addiction Treatment in the Clifton Area

There are different forms of addiction treatment and at our facility, it’s not a one size fits all approach. Each client is assessed during the intake process and recommended the appropriate level of care. At Garden State Treatment Center, our addiction treatment programs for Clifton, New Jersey residents include:

  • Partial Care Treatment

This is a slightly restrictive addiction treatment program. This program provides structured therapy and clinical care to patients for a specific period of time every day. It is different from a residential treatment program in the sense that it gives clients the opportunity to reside in recovery residences while receiving quality addiction care throughout the day.

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our intensive outpatient program gives clients the freedom to live at home while being treated at our addiction treatment facility three to five times per week. In our outpatient drug rehab for Clifton residents, group therapy is facilitated by trained counselors. This unique IOP program enables clients to carry on with their daily activities while also benefiting from the support of their family, friends and loved ones. Outpatient treatment programs are ideal for those with milder forms of substance abuse disorders or as a level-down from partial care treatment.

Solution-Focused New Jersey Drug Rehabilitation

The type of substance that you are addicted to and how long you’ve been abusing the substance will determine the type of treatment that best suits you. Clifton residents struggling with drug or alcohol abuse can find compassionate and effective help in our New Jersey rehab programs. Contact us around the clock to increase your chance of long-term recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

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