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Addiction Treatment for Elizabeth NJ Residents

The rate of drug abuse in Elizabeth, New Jersey, can be compared to what is experienced in other parts of the state. Communities and families across Elizabeth are affected by some drugs more than others.

For instance, the rate of addiction treatment admission in Elizabeth for alcohol and heroin are 35% and 33% respectively. Marijuana and cocaine are also abused in the city and they have treatment admission rates of 21% and 7% respectively.

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Why Do You Need Addiction Treatment?

Once you’re addicted to a substance, it’s hard to stop using it on your own forever. The support system, coping skills, and knowledge you gain in a treatment program provide the tools needed to stay sober in the real world.

Once you’ve made the conscious decision to ask for help, you’ll never be turned down by our addiction professionals. We will work with you hand-in-hand to tailor a personalized recovery plan built for your success.

Addiction treatment programs for Elizabeth, New Jersey residents can help you or your loved one on the journey to permanent recovery. Our drug rehab program at Garden State Treatment Center focuses on healing addiction as a whole, not just the underlying symptoms.

Our Unique Drug Treatment Programs

We are located in Sparta, New Jersey, and serve the whole state with our evidence-based treatment solutions. Our facility is JCAHO accredited, which means that we uphold the highest standard of patient care and our treatment methods are independently verified on a regular basis.

In order to improve your chances of long-term recovery, we have multiple levels of care offered at Garden State Treatment Center. Our addiction treatment programs for Elizabeth residents will help you understand the specific causes of your substance abuse through partial care, intensive outpatient treatment, outpatient counseling, and 12-step treatment.

Our partial care rehab is an intensive, non-residential, therapeutic treatment program that is not hospital-based. The program is carried out in a stable, home-like environment that will give patients more freedom than residential treatment programs.

This form of addiction treatment is ideal for those that need partial care while they are still exposed to the outside world. Our partial care program will give you access to one-on-one counseling, psychiatric care, group therapy, with continued aftercare and support.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

We offer multiple levels of care for addicts and alcoholics throughout New Jersey. Our intensive outpatient drug rehab provides a high level of care with the freedom to tackle your daily responsibilities. Counseling groups are held five days a week which includes meetings with an individual therapist. Process groups are facilitated by experienced addiction counselors that have assisted Elizabeth, New Jersey, residents with addiction treatment for many years.

Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient treatment program helps clients safely stop using drugs and alcohol in a less structured environment, offers different therapies that get rid of psychological obstacles to recovery, and connects recovering addicts to support groups and sobriety resources.

12-Step Treatment

At Garden State Treatment Center, our 12-step addiction treatment is designed to provide patients with encouragement, hope, as well as healthy interactions between participants. At the end of the program, participants will be able to maintain sobriety, work towards a spiritual awakening, and share what they’ve enjoyed and learned with other clients that are struggling with addiction.

Partial Care Rehabilitation

The time to take action with your recovery is right now. Every day you’re in active addiction, it becomes more difficult to reach out for help. We’ve been assisting residents of the Elizabeth area that are struggling with substance abuse and need treatment in a caring, supportive environment.

Contact us around the clock for a 100% confidential assessment and let’s walk the journey to recovery together.

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