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Drug Rehabs for Trenton Residents

If you are ready to live a clean and sober life that does not depend on drugs, Garden State Treatment Center is the perfect rehab program for you. Our experienced clinical team offers substance abuse treatment in a group therapy and individual counseling setting.

We are assisting residents of the Trenton, New Jersey, area that are ready to rebuild their lives from the grip of addiction. Contact us around the clock to begin the process of long-term recovery.

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Trenton, the capital city of New Jersey, is a place that is ideal for those that are involved in state government. However, in recent years the city has been plagued by an opioid epidemic that is destroying communities in the area. Many people are ready to reach out for help and get better but drug rehabs in Trenton NJ are scarce.

The city accounted for 1,542 out of 3,130 treatment center admissions that were recorded in Mercer County in 2016. Out of this figure, 498 were due to addiction to heroin while 344 were as a result of marijuana abuse. Irrespective of the kind of substance that you are addicted to, there are not many good drug rehabs in Trenton, New Jersey, that’s why Garden State Treatment Center is here to help.

Are You Searching for Treatment For a Loved One?

We understand the pain and suffering that is felt by the whole family when a loved one is in the midst of an active addiction. Garden State Treatment Center offers a variety of partial care and intensive outpatient addiction programs designed to fit the needs of each individual. Our focus is on healing the mind, body, and spirit so that our clients learn the necessary coping skills to remain sober long after leaving treatment.

Addiction Treatment in the Trenton Area

Once you’ve completed a successful detox, the continuum of care calls for partial hospitalization or outpatient therapy to begin. This is where clients learn how to change their thoughts and behaviors that used to contribute to their substance abuse.

By attending daily group therapy sessions, everyone has an opportunity to engage with their peers in a supportive atmosphere. Men and women throughout the Trenton, New Jersey area now have an opportunity to get better and recover with the assistance of Garden State Treatment Center.

Drug Treatment in the Trenton NJ Area

Garden State Treatment Center creates a new way for those addicted to drugs to start their lives again. Drug addiction often beings due to loneliness and isolation. Active addiction robs us of family and friends, making us feel alone. We need to get in touch with those aspects of our lives that we’ve forgotten if we are ready to recover and that’s where our New Jersey drug rehab comes in. We are a comfortable and evidence-based drug rehab center for Trenton area residents. Our mission is to free men and women from shackles of drug addiction so that you can start your journey to recovery.

Our New Jersey drug rehab programs reduce fears and worries by making you feel at home. Our environment is comfortable, relaxed and conducive so that you or your loved one can concentrate on getting better.

If you’re searching for a drug rehab in the Trenton, New Jersey, area then Garden State Treatment Center is for you. We are located in beautiful and tranquil Sparta NJ and offer proven addiction treatment methods to enhance healing and maximize each patient’s quality of life.

Living a Clean and Sober Life

Clients have the opportunity to grow and build their strengths and characters through our 12-step programs, substance abuse therapy, as well as discreet individual counseling sessions. We also create personalized addiction treatment plans to meet the specific needs of each patient.

We will work hand-in-hand with you or your loved one to provide the treatments that will align with your situation. Contact us for an assessment and end your search for drug treatment in New Jersey.

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