Learn more about Partial Care Addiction Treatment at garden State Treatment Center.

At Garden State Treatment Center, our individual counselors treat each patient in a discreet and comfortable environment.

The journey to recovery begins with professional addiction and alcoholism treatment. At Garden State Treatment Center, we utilize comprehensive science-based therapy methods that are proven to help addicts and alcoholics recover from their disease. To begin the process of recovering from addiction and alcoholism, the first step is to have your loved one make a brief phone call to one of our addiction counselors in New Jersey.

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Individual Counseling at Garden State Treatment Center

Our drug treatment center in Sparta, New Jersey, offers individual addiction counseling in a discreet and comfortable setting, along with group therapy. In one-on-one sessions, clients have the opportunity to explore the underlying causes of substance abuse without the fear of judgment from others. Individual counseling is the perfect time to work through any trauma that you’ve been holding back that has contributed to your addiction.

Once a person completes detox they enter a residential or partial care treatment program. Garden State Treatment Center focuses on a complete approach to addiction treatment that includes individual addiction counseling, dual diagnosis treatment, group counseling, holistic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and 12 step meetings. The cross-disciplinary team develops a treatment plan that is routinely updated when progress is made and modified when more action needs to be taken.

What Are the Benefits of Individual Therapy in Treating Addiction?

Individual addiction counseling and group counseling are two of the strongest methods of therapy that help an addict or alcoholic recover from their disease. It’s time to work through your addiction with a skilled and compassionate addiction professional. If you or a loved one are searching for a drug rehab in New Jersey, call our specialists and start recovery now.

Once you or a loved one are under the care of our addiction therapists and are seeing a counselor for individual sessions, you can expect the following:

  • Learn to respond to challenging situations with healthy coping skills
  • Identify the underlying causes of substance abuse
  • Gain insight into relapse prevention techniques
  • Learn how to change your addictive behaviors

At Garden State Treatment Center, the length of each substance abuse therapy in Sparta, New Jersey, varies per individual. Factors that are used to assess how long a person should remain in treatment include the types of drugs they were addicted to, how long, and other emotional and mental health concerns. Each client can expect to be treated with compassion and respect. Our professionals who have dedicated their careers to helping addicts and alcoholics enter a new life in recovery regard the individual counseling phase of addiction recovery as the most important.

Begin Your Substance Abuse Therapy in Sparta, New Jersey

Individual addiction counseling is very helpful to addicts and alcoholics that struggle with chronic relapse. Individual therapy and addiction treatment go hand-in-hand because a personalized approach to treating substance abuse usually creates the best results. Garden State Treatment Center provides comprehensive substance abuse therapy in Sparta, New Jersey, that is conducted in a supportive and comfortable recovery environment.

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