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Outpatient Treatment Goals at Garden State Treatment Center Wellness

Broadly speaking, outpatient treatment at Garden State Treatment Center has three interconnected goals. The first goal, which we achieve during the intake process, is to help clients stop using drugs and alcohol safely. Addicts and alcoholics can only begin to recover once they’re physically stable.

The second goal is to administer a variety of therapies that, taken together, will start to remove some of psychological obstacles to recovery that our clients present. The third goal, which requires emotional as well as physical stability, is to connect clients to support groups and other long term sobriety resources.

Although there is ample room for flexibility within our treatment model, we have found that by pursuing these three goals vigorously, we give our clients the best chance to build a foundation for long term recovery. Giving our clients this chance is our solemn and welcome duty.

Garden State Treatment Center Treatment Centers is proud to call the great state of New Jersey home.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing clients emerge from our facility happy, healthy, and eager to begin a life in recovery. Over the years, we’ve seen countless families healed and reunited after addiction broke those relationships apart.

While enrolled in our outpatient treatment program, clients continue to live at home while receiving our high quality and compassionate care. They report to our facility 3-4 days a week, where they participate in both individual and group therapy sessions. Clients also participate in family therapy sessions and relapse prevention programs as well.

And it’s during our comprehensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment that the real transformation begins to happen. They begin to confront childhood traumas and unravel the complex reasons they began to use drugs and alcohol in the first place. As the treatment process continues, clients become more and more comfortable with both themselves and the recovery process.

Our care continues after clients leave our facility. We ensure that before their treatment ends, each and every one of our clients is connected to whatever resources they need to maintain their sobriety. The end result is an addict or alcoholic who finds that they have been launched into a new and more rewarding dimension of their experience, one that’s healthy, full of life, and grounded in authentic recovery.

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Garden State Treatment Center offers two levels of outpatient care. The first level, which we will describe briefly here, is simply called Outpatient Treatment. The second level is called Intensive Outpatient Treatment and is discussed in detail on another page of this website. Our outpatient programs are all highly individualized, but they typically involve some form of the following protocols.

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