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The disease of addiction and alcoholism can be overcome, and recovery is available to those who are ready to accept help. Professional substance abuse treatment in New Jersey allows newly recovering addicts and alcoholics a period of time for them to be vulnerable and to let themselves receive the help they need. The reasons certain people become addicted to substances is often related to emotional traumas, mental health concerns, as well as stemming from environmental factors or genetics.

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Our addiction treatment center in Sparta, New Jersey, provides a therapeutic atmosphere that allows men, women and young adults the support and encouragement they need to begin healing their lives to overcome their addictions. Substance abuse group therapy is one the most targeted therapy groups that we offer. This group works on shame, denial, acceptance and provides hope in the form of encouragement and respect. Group therapy is often considered as or even more effective than one on one counseling.

Is Group Therapy an Effective Method of Treating Substance Abuse?

The disease of addiction is one that isolates individuals from others. Although many addicts and alcoholics have a social life, recovering addicts will explain that though that may have been true, they were never lonelier. A person who is altered on drugs and alcohol is not truly connected to reality and therefore others. The substance abuse group therapy that we offer at Garden State Treatment Center allows individuals to reconnect with others in a genuine way because they are clean and sober.

Fellow addicts getting sober together

The value of our substance abuse group therapy for individuals who have mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression is extremely beneficial. The groups are structured and facilitated by our professional staff of counselors and therapists who specialize in addiction recovery and who are licensed in mental health counseling. The group topics address issues not only related to addiction but to family, peers, self-esteem, anger, isolation, death, shame and perfectionism.

The goal of group therapy in Sparta, New Jersey, is to allow each client time to adjust to his or her recovery in a safe atmosphere that is therapeutic. Substance abuse group therapy sessions are available for men, women and young adults. At Garden State Treatment Center, we offer group counseling sessions in our intensive outpatient treatment programs, our partial care program, and our outpatient treatment program.

Substance Abuse Group Therapy in Sparta, New Jersey

Learning to live and exist clean and sober is often very difficult for newly recovering addicts. Group therapy for treating substance abuse allows for small changes to occur that helps develop trust and familiarity with how to interact with others again. The hardest thing any recovering addict will tell you about their first thirty days was remembering how to act around others clean and sober. In substance abuse group therapy friendships are formed and the amount of support ever person receives for themselves and for others is dynamic.

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