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How Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in New Jersey Treat Addiction?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a goal-oriented therapeutic approach that combines behavioral theory and cognitive theory with the aim of changing negative thoughts and behaviors. The goal is to improve emotions and foster positive developments in an addicted individual. Our cognitive behavioral therapy for treating addiction at Garden State Treatment Center is collaborative in nature. Our therapists work closely with the patients to provide personalized treatment plans.

Are You Interested in Cognitive Behavioral Addiction Therapy?

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, contact Garden State Treatment Center for help. Our cognitive behavioral therapy for treating addiction will help you to get clean and stay sober in the long run. There are many obstacles to maintaining your recovery, that’s why the assistance of addiction specialists is crucial in the early recovery process. Let’s walk the journey to sobriety together, one step at a time.

Unlike talk therapies, cognitive behavioral therapies do not involve mere discussion between the therapists and patients. CBT comprises sessions that involve skill-building. After these sessions, the patients will have to complete homework.

New Jersey Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for treating addiction is effective if the therapy forms a strong therapeutic alliance with the patient so that you can trust and cooperate with our substance abuse therapists. It’s also important for each client to provide our therapists with the necessary information. This way we can tailor a treatment plan that aligns with each individual’s unique condition and needs.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Addiction Treatment Works

At Garden State Treatment Center, our therapists evaluate each patient’s behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that could create a relapse, thereby worsening his or her problems. An in-depth knowledge about your background and your triggers will help our counselors tailor an individualized treatment plan that aligns with your unique needs.

If you or a loved one are searching for cognitive behavioral therapy in New Jersey, please contact us for a confidential assessment and let’s begin the process of recovery together.

New Jersey Cognitive Behavioral Addiction Therapy

When it comes to New Jersey cognitive behavioral addiction therapy, our addiction professionals are experienced following a solution-focused approach. Once you’re in our treatment program, the contact usually involves familiarizing our patients with CBT; making sure that you understand what the therapy entails and finding out the history of your substance abuse. This first meeting also involves noting down those behaviors the patient wants to fix.

The job of our substance abuse therapists at this stage is to evaluate the thought patterns of the patients by asking about the patient’s perception of him or herself, others, as well as the future.

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