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Garden State Treatment Center provides partial care treatment programs to help you or your loved one achieve sobriety. Partial care is the next level of care that takes place once the client completes the detox phase of the treatment process.

Partial care is an intensive, nonresidential, therapeutic treatment program that may or may not be hospital-based. Garden State Treatment Center partial care program is not hospital-based. The program provides clinical treatment services in a stable, home-like environment. Partial care programs give clients a bit more freedom than inpatient/residential treatment programs.

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Drug Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

The partial care program at Garden State Treatment Center is a unique phase of treatment where the client receives partial care while they are still exposed to the outside world. Individuals who get too used to being in a confined environment are sometimes unsuccessful when they are finally exposed to the real world.

While in the partial care level of treatment at Garden State Treatment Center clients will receive one-on-one counseling, psychiatric care, along with group therapy and support in a therapeutic environment. Clients will be encouraged to work on any underlying causes and conditions that may have contributed to their addiction. They will be exposed to the right coping skills to help them deal with life on life’s terms.

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If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction in New Jersey, Garden State Treatment Center partial care program can help. Recovery in a comfortable atmosphere is the key to success in avoiding a relapse. Start the journey to sobriety under the guided care of true addiction professionals.

Whether you contact us day or night, our admissions counselors will provide a complete assessment of your situation. We are committed to helping every single client that is sick and tired of being stick and tired.

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