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Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Camden, New Jersey Residents

Camden, New Jersey was an economic stronghold in the early part of the 20th century. Today, Camden has a much different reality that signifies its diverse cultures and economic differences throughout the city. Unfortunately, plenty of crime and drug abuse have plagued Camden over the last few years.

As the heroin epidemic continues to grip the nation, communities across New Jersey are severely affected. Luckily, our New Jersey drug rehab serves residents of the Camden area that are searching for reputable and solution-focused addiction treatment programs.

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At Garden State Treatment Center, our rehabilitation programs focus on helping men and women overcome the opioid abuse crisis that individuals throughout the Camden area are struggling with. Looking at the statistics paints a grim reality of the situation.

About 2,981 Camden residents were treated for heroin addiction in 2016 while 627 Camden residents were treated for other opioids. Heroin and other opioids made up about 58% of the total number of people that were admitted to Camden drug rehab centers in 2016.

As a result of the substance abuse epidemic, dangerous drug rings have attacked Camden County police officers in recent years. Law enforcement officials have their hands full with drug dealers operating in the area. On the other side of the coin, Camden drug addicts are in desperate need of help.

This is where we come in. If you or a loved one are searching for structured addiction treatment, then you’ve come to the right place. Our New Jersey drug rehab has been helping Camden County residents that are ready to get better and rebuild their lives. We are located in Sparta in Northern New Jersey and assist families throughout the whole state.

Garden State Treatment Center is JCAHO Accredited

When it comes to New Jersey addiction treatment centers, having JCAHO accreditation is a big deal. This means that as a testament to our superior quality of patient care, we’ve met and exceeded the rigorous standards set by the Joint Commission. Being able to get a JCAHO accreditation is proof that we are among the leaders in the substance abuse treatment industry.

Addiction Treatment for Camden Residents

Attempting to recover from addiction on your own without professional help or a support system is not a good idea. The bare minimum that’s recommended is twelve-step meetings, and those with a chronic and heavy drug habit should search for help from a partial care treatment program.

Garden State Treatment Center offers an intensive, non-residential addiction treatment program with day and night counseling. A combination of group and individual therapy are personalized to fit the needs of each patient with a unique treatment plan.

If you live in the Camden area and are having difficulty finding a good drug rehab center, all hope is not lost. Reach out to our treatment professionals and we will assist you in getting the help you need. Garden State Treatment Center is located in Sparta, New Jersey, and we serve residents throughout the state.

Addiction Treatment for Camden County Residents

Our mission is to make sure that you have an opportunity to safely heal your mind, body, and soul in a supportive environment that will strengthen your recovery. If others have given up on you, our commitment is that we never will. Start the journey to recovery today with our drug treatment center for Camden, New Jersey residents.

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