Why is Adderall the Drug of Choice for College Students?

The college has long-since been considered an ideal time for excessive experimentation. The traditional four-year college experience is generally chock full of new and exciting situations, from living independently for the very first time to trying out common chemical substances like alcohol and marijuana. Experimentation is expected – and in a lot of ways, it is condoned. However, it is important to note that many young men and women who experiment with Adderall in college have a difficult time breaking negative behavioral patterns later on in life.

Adderall is Often Abused in College

Experimenting with drugs and alcohol is especially risky, seeing as at age 18 the brain has not completely developed, and introducing chemical substances at this point and life can do lasting damage. Additionally, because drinking and using drugs is so socially acceptable, many individuals end up unwittingly going overboard. When it comes to which chemical substance is the most frequently abused, alcohol takes the cake. Binge drinking at frat parties and local bars are not only condoned – it is almost considered a right of passage in most college towns. “Blacking out” is the social norm, and many students end up getting themselves into a fair amount of trouble (academic and otherwise) because of this.

Over the past several years, Adderall has gained rampant popularity among college students. There has been an ample amount of research done on this subject, and it has been repeatedly found that rates of Adderall abuse are on the continuous rise. Why is Adderall the drug of choice among college students? There are several predominant reasons – take a look below.

Why is Adderall the Drug of Choice for College Students?

More About Adderall and College Students

Adderall is the drug of choice among college students for two main reasons. First of all, this prescription stimulant produces effects that can be very desirable among students who are cramming for an important test or writing a lengthy paper. The drug increases alertness and focus, allowing students to hone in on their studies. Secondly, Adderall is extremely easy to obtain on most college campuses. Many students have pre-existing prescriptions and sell their medication to other students upon request. Other students steal the medication from relatives or obtain it by rummaging through random medicine cabinets at house parties. Compared to other stimulant drugs, Adderall is accessible and affordable, which also makes it popular among those who spend the majority of their time partying, and who want to maintain stamina for longer periods.

Mixing Adderall and Alcohol 

Another major Adderall-related issue among college students is combining this prescription stimulant with other chemical substances. As previously mentioned, alcohol consumption is very common on college campuses. If a student takes Adderall while studying for a big test and then goes out to celebrate once the test is complete, he or she will be mixing Adderall and alcohol even though it may not have been done intentionally. Taking these two chemical substances at the same time is extremely dangerous. Not only does Adderall increase energy levels and alertness, but it offsets the feeling of being drunk. People are not aware of how intoxicated they are, therefore they continue to drink, ultimately leading to alcohol poisoning.

Garden State Treatment Center and Adderall Addiction Recovery 

At Garden State Treatment Center we specialize in substance abuse disorders of all kinds, including prescription drug addiction recovery. While prescription opioids have taken the main stage as of late, it is important to note that prescription stimulant abuse is also on the rise – especially among college students. If you have been struggling with drug abuse or dependence of any type, we are available to help. Our comprehensive program of recovery focuses heavily on the individual and works towards equipping men and women with the tools they need to maintain sobriety for years to come.